Born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1960, during the harsh communists regime the artist became freelancer at a very early age. After college he graduated the Architectural University and shortly after started his early artistic career. His early art works, mainly oil on canvas were saturated with darker and deeper colors reflecting his emotional state of “being prisoner in his own country” but in every paintings there were enough evidence of innovation and bold experimentation with colors and composition. Starting with his solo exhibition in Sofia in 1984 he became an instant success despite many hurdles from the communist government. Not recognized and constantly persecuted by the official Art Establishment he managed to pursue his goal of becoming one of the first independent artist of his time and for the following 6 years, up to 1990, he had created numerous art works, which have become part of many private art collections in Europe. In 1987 he was recognized as the leader of the Independent Artists Movement in Bulgaria for which he was politically persecuted. Based on these facts in 1989 he was granted a political asylum from the US Embassy in Paris, France. His fascination with the free democratic world and the beauty of Paris positively influenced his color palette and subject treatment from this period, element you can see in his most contemporary art-works.

After a full year living in Paris waiting for his immigration visa he arrived in USA in 1990 where he lives and works up to date.

Art Shows, Awards, Publications and Private Collections:

2006 – Art acquisition from Robert Gore Rifkind, Los Angeles

For more information about Robert Gore Rifkind click here.

2006– Solo Exhibition at BACES Los Angeles

2002 - Voshan Gallery, 374 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA. USA

1990 – 95 - Numerous art-acquisitions from the Helliant - Architectural Company in Paris, France

1989 - Club Pernod, 90, Avenue des Champs Elysees – Paris, France                         

1988 - 2nd Grand Prix De Peinture and Medal 39 th Salon Des Amis Des Arts – Vanves, Paris, France                                  

1987 - Bronze Medal Rembrandt for Fine Art 1987 XIX Salon National D'Art De L'Automne - ISSOUDUN, Paris, France                     

1986 - Diplome De Mention XVIII Salon National D'Art De L'Automne - ISSOUDUN, Paris, France                   

1986 - First Prize for Modern Art ART-VIE Gallery 69, Rue Des Enterpreneurs - Paris, France

1985 - 3rd Grand Prix De Peinture 36th Salon Des Amis Des Arts – Vanves, Paris, France                                  

1984-89 - Numerous solo exhibitions in Bulgaria